Indian Creek Challenge Program

Posted On October 9, 2013
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The new Indian Creek Ropes Course provides the Georgia State Community with an exciting opportunity to host Challenge program team building activities.

The breathtaking course is over 130 feet long and has two levels topping out at 38 feet above the ground. The grand platform can hold up to 22 participants, but events for groups of 40-50 are easily accommodated. The course is best designed to take any size group and split them into pods of up to ten people. As participants progress through the course they are presented with up to six traversing elements. Participants confront the elements with a variety of challenges requiring teamwork, trust and communication. The culminating event of the day is to exit the course via either the giant swing, the leap of faith or the zipline. The three ziplines are close to 1,000 feet long! They also include a large mid-zip platform 60 feet high in a giant Sweet Gum tree overlooking Snapfinger Creek Valley.

The Challenge Program is based on Experiential Learning principles. This learning process places participants in a unique setting with purposeful, problem-solving activities.

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