Tips & Tricks


Commkit: Georgia State University provides a number of great resources for its students and faculty. Make use of the Digital Asset Library for free images and the University Style Guide for a consistent writing style.

University Style Guide: Georgia State University advocates using a clear, consistent, contemporary style of writing. Take a look over the university branding guidelines for some do’s and don’ts.

Digital Asset Library: Georgia State University has an enormous library of free images provided for the use of students and employees.

Tips & Tricks: Every item that promotes or markets a unit or department within the Division of Student Affairs must use an official university departmental logo. To ensure proper use of the departmental logo, download the LOGO-gistics Tips & Tricks file.

Minimum Branding Checklist:Please download our Minimum Branding Checklist prior to submission for approval to ensure these guidelines are met.

Print Media Request Form: Fill out a print media form if you would like Creative Services to design printed media for you. Send it to Gretchen S. Cannon.

Short Codes: Make use of the short codes provided for your department websites.

Georgia State University Online Visual Identity: The following policies are intended to provide guidelines for and manage the use of the Georgia State University identity program.

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