The Division of Student Affairs enhances the education of our students by expanding their academic and real life experiences. Our students are educationally stimulated through in-class studies, extensive programming and events, physical and emotional health and wellness, and an engaging on-campus life. We strive to prepare our students to be successful academically, emotionally, and occupationally, preparing them for all of their future endeavors.

Our thriving urban university is a wonderful environment for our students to reach their full potential in all aspects of their life.

Student Life
New Student Orientation & Parent Relations
Introduce parents and new undergraduate students to Georgia State University by offering orientation programs that facilitate student integration into curricular, co-curricular, and university life.
Our orientation program, (we call it Incept), helps students successfully transition into the university community.

While there are many opportunities to get involved at Georgia State University, fraternities and sororities stand out as a unique and life-long involvement opportunity.

Student Organizations
Our office can help students get involved on campus by matching your needs with one of the 300+ student organizations at Georgia State University.
Civic Engagement
Providing assistance concerning volunteer and community service opportunities and outreach programs in the metropolitan Atlanta area.
Campus Events
Providing events and programming which will challenge the Georgia State University community to think critically about relevant issues and generate discussion surrounding such issues.
Panther Welcome
The official Georgia State University welcome program occurring over the first two weeks of each fall semester. The annual welcome program begins with Freshman Convocation and Freshman Block Party.
Intercultural Relations
Providing opportunities for students to engage in meaningful dialogues, training, diversity, and cultural programming to enhance understanding of the diverse cultures.
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