Cooperative Education

A New Launch: Cooperative Education at Georgia State University

We are excited to announce the approval of Georgia State University’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-Op) which will kick off this fall with students from the Computer Science and Computer Information Systems degree programs.

Cooperative education is a full-time, paid, rotational, field based experience that is a critical component of a student’s academic program for which they receive credit. Students will have the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to related work experiences, giving them a competitive edge once they enter the workforce on a full time basis. With this comprehensive approach to learning and working, students are better positioned to clarify their academic and career goals.

GSU’s Co-Op Program is based on an intense, structured 4-year model where students are expected to gain 2 full semesters of cooperative education experience. Students must enroll in the pre co-op program and successfully complete all requirements, including the co-op preparation workshops hosted by University Career Services and their departments/colleges; complete the required courses and maintain the required GPA for co-op admissions; and be approved in advance by their faculty advisor or staff contact within the department.

For additional information regarding GSU’s Co-Op, please contact Colleen Perry, Cooperative Education & Internship Coordinator at