Most Diverse Freshman Class

Georgia State Has Most Diverse Freshman Class

Posted On November 20, 2014
Categories Fall 2014 News

ATLANTA––For the ninth consecutive year, Georgia State University has set a record for its largest enrollment, growing in size, diversity and quality. At 3,370, the freshman class has grown by 8 percent since last year, with a record high school grade-point average of 3.4. Georgia State’s total enrollment stands at a record 32,842 as of Sept. 3. Record numbers of Latino and African-American students enrolled in the freshman class. African-American freshman enrollment increased by 10 percent over the previous year from 1,226 to 1,344. Hispanic first-year student enrollment increased by 7 percent from 362 to 389.

“At a time when the number of high school graduates in Georgia is on the decline, Georgia State’s record enrollments this fall show that the university is becoming the first choice for more and more students every year,” said Tim Renick, vice provost and vice president for enrollment management and student success. “We continue to accomplish a very difficult feat: to grow in size, quality and diversity all at the same time. Today’s students want every advantage they can get, and the professional, creative and personal opportunities afforded by studying at a major university in a great city like Atlanta are immense—and immensely appealing.”

Every state is represented in the student body this fall, with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois as the states with the fastest-growing enrollment to the university. Georgia State is welcoming more students from more countries, with students from Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Cyprus and the West Bank joining 150 other countries represented among the study body.

The university’s Honors College is also growing, with 259 new students as of Sept. 3. The freshmen have a record average SAT of 1,300 and high school grade-point average of 3.8. Overall, the Honors College has 1,464 students. “We’re thrilled about the quality of our incoming class of students,” said Larry Berman, dean of the Honors College. “The Honors College at Georgia State is now a choice destination for high academic achievers. “We offer students top-notch academic and co-curricular opportunities through our Accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. Program, national scholarship and fellowship counseling, faculty mentoring, undergraduate research and publication opportunities as well specialized internships in Atlanta, London and in the nation’s capital.”