Boyhood to Manhood

Posted On April 10, 2015
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Boyhood to Manhood: Deconstructing Black Masculinity through a Life Span Continuum, edited by Spencer Platt, Darryl B. Holloman and Lemuel W. Watson, published through Peter Lang Press is expected to be released in April 2015. Boyhood to Manhood seeks to foster an open and honest discussion regarding the intersection of the multiple identities found among black males. The book explores topics related to: race and ethnicity; health; [dis]ability; athletics; socioeconomic status; employment; religion and sexual identity. The purpose of the book is to share the experiences of black men, who live within a society guided by strict gendered norms, which often require men to conform to masculine behaviors. We conclude that these norms often force black men to increase their levels of risk-taking behaviors, anxiety, and fear of being ostracized should they fail to display the appropriate male skill sets. The ability to explore and embrace other possibilities for the ways that men can construct their personal and professional realities helps to enhance and broaden the ways in which men live their lives and seek opportunities.

Our goal was to seek more solutions to the complexities that black males face rather than focusing solely on the problems that arise for them. The books seeks to empower men, particularly black men, to openly and honestly dialogue about the realities surrounding their lives. We seek to provide a platform where men could speak towards their own journeys. We specifically used the life span continuum to demonstrate that the male experience is a fluid process that develops over time, but one which is also intimately connected within social contexts. The book uses qualitative, quantitative and historical data to accomplish that goal.