Spotlight Merges with Campus Events

Posted On April 21, 2015
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Spotlight Programs Board and Campus Events, both Student Center programs in the Georgia State University Division of Student Affairs, are excited to announce that their units will merge on May 1, 2015. Spotlight will oversee the consolidation by restructuring its program committees in order to better fit the needs of the university community.

These changes will benefit the student body and the operation of the university-sponsored organization by increasing committees’ responsiveness to Georgia State’s diverse constituents, including commuter students, graduate students and nontraditional students. The 2015-16 Executive Applications for Spotlight committee membership have re-opened on OrgSync with redefined position descriptions. Applications are open to Georgia State students.

Spotlight and Campus Events are known for their wide variety of programs for the Georgia State community. Spotlight’s signature events include Panther Prowl, Homecoming Week and the PantherPalooza Spring Concert, and Campus Events’ signature events are the Distinguished Speaker Series, GSU Night at Six Flags, GSU Night at the Aquarium and the Courtyard Music Series. To continue these traditions as well expand the diversity of events on campus, Spotlight is renaming committees and adding new ones to its current structure.

“This is a great way to expand programming at Georgia State University,” said Joanne Tercy, Campus Events membership director. “Students get to experience both social and educational programs that will expose them to all that Georgia State and downtown Atlanta have to offer. I truly look forward to seeing the expansion of the diversity of programs. The best is yet to come!”

The expanded Spotlight Programs Board will employ three staff advisors, one senior coordinator and a student president and vice president who will oversee 11 committees. The new committees are Arts and Culture, Daytime Programs, Films and Entertainment, Live Entertainment, Marketing, Panther Connections, PantherNation, Panthers After Dark, Pounce Around Atlanta, Speakers, and Traditions.

Phillip Smith, advisor for Spotlight, said, “I am excited about the new changes on which Spotlight Programs Board is embarking. Having one centralized area to plan and implement student programs at Georgia State will not only enhance the quality of programs that we offer, but allow for a greater presence on campus. I look forward to leading the upcoming merger and encourage all students to be a part of the change by applying for a director position or joining a committee.”

Committee director applications re-opened on OrgSync on Monday, February 23. Students who have already submitted an application may update their application. Committee director applications are due Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at midnight.

Spotlight hosted Meet and Greet meetings in early March for the university community to discuss the expansion.

Eugene Butler, Spotlight’s 2015-16 president, said, “I am extremely excited about the merger of Campus Events and Spotlight Programs Board. This new decision will allow more leadership opportunities on campus and increase the ability to program to a broader audience. It paves the way for the new directors, committee members and volunteers to build personable skills, professionalism and managerial skills that can be applied beyond the organization and college.”

Spotlight Programs Board is supported by student fees and is dedicated to bringing exciting and diverse events to students, faculty, staff and friends of Georgia State University. For more information about Spotlight and the merger, visit the Spotlight website, call 404-413-1610 or follow Spotlight on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. For student fee information, visit the Student Affairs website.