Safe Cycling Paying Off!

Posted On April 27, 2015
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The Georgia State University Bike Plan Committee and Office of Sustainability at Georgia State University teamed up to provide technical assistance for safe cycling within the Georgia State University community. This was initiated by a successful grant written by Dr. Michael Black to the Atlanta Regional Commission. Dr. Black currently serves as the faculty/staff advisor for the Cycling Club. Once the grant was awarded successful by the Atlanta Regional Commission, a committee was formed to design a bike plan for providing technical assistance to Georgia State University community.

The committee comprised of 13 members from undergraduate students to graduate students to faculty to staff. Of the 13 members, three with them have affiliation with the Department of Recreational Services. Those three members are: Carson Tortorige, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Dr. Black, Cycling Club Advisor, and Alexander Vaughn, Cycling Club President. The committee combined its efforts with the Office of Sustainability to make Georgia State University a safer cycling community. The teams devised two separate surveys; one distributed to the entire Georgia State University community and one distributed to patrons of the Student Recreation Center that utilized the Bike Share Program. The two groups also interviewed various parties of the City of Atlanta cycling community to coordinator efforts with their cycling safety practices and infrastructure.

For their efforts, the Georgia State University Bike Plan Committee and Office of Sustainability will be receiving a Blinkie Award for promoting safe cycling around Georgia State University. The event was hosted by the Atlanta Bike Coalition on Friday February 13 at 7PM at Trees Atlanta. Please congratulate Dr. Michael Black, Carson Tortorige, and Alexander Vaughn of the Department of Recreational Services for their on campus work!