Largest, Most Diverse Freshman Class

Posted On August 28, 2015
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Georgia State Enrolls Highest-Achieving, Largest, Most Diverse Freshman Class
ATLANTA—Georgia State University has set records this fall for the size, diversity and quality of its freshman class.

With 3,800 freshmen enrolled as of Aug. 25, the entering first-year students have a record high school grade-point average (GPA) of 3.42, and the highest ACT scores of any freshman class in the university’s history.

Last fall’s freshman class of 3,370 students had an average high-school GPA of 3.4, the previous record.

Asian-American students represent the university’s fastest growing group, representing 18 percent of the freshman class, up from 16 percent last fall. The university will also enroll record numbers of Hispanic and African-American students.

“Our record-breaking freshman class is testimony to the fact that today’s students are looking for more than a college degree,” said Timothy M. Renick, vice provost and vice president for enrollment management and student success. “Students want to go to some place that is different, some place that gives them a leg up.

“With all of the opportunities that come from living and studying in a world-class city, Georgia State is increasingly a destination of choice for students.”

The student body this fall will also be the most diverse in terms of international representation, with the fastest increases coming in students from India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

The university’s Honors College is also growing, with 250 new students as of Aug. 25. The freshmen have a record average SAT of 1,320, up 20 points from last fall. Entering Honors College freshmen this year have an average high-school GPA of 3.8. Overall, the Honors College has 1,590 students.

“We are excited about the profile of our incoming class of students,” said Larry Berman, dean of the Honors College. “We offer students such innovative academic experiences as a new leadership certificate program, the digital literacy initiative, an Accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. Program, national scholarship and fellowship counseling, faculty mentoring, undergraduate research support and specialized internships in Atlanta, London and the nation’s capital.”