Students Attending I-LEAD Institute

Posted On August 28, 2015
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Georgia State University will be sending a total of six students to the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) I-LEAD Institute.

The Institute for Leadership Education and Development or I-LEAD, is a six-day program for rising student leaders on campus to learn leadership skills and develop as a student and a leader. This year, Georgia State University will be sending four directors: Eugene Butler, Ashley Lopez, Matt Hunter, and Tigi Bah from Spotlight Programs Board to represent the organization as well as the university. The four students attending from Spotlight, along with two representatives from the Student Center Administration Office, will be spending six days at Colorado Mesa University where they will attend programs and sessions designed to enhance the understanding of topics such as values, diversity, conflict resolution, communication, and other essential skills necessary for leadership roles both on and off campus.

Eugene Butler, president of Spotlight Programs Board, was awarded with the ACUI Region III scholarship for the institute. When asked what he hopes I-LEAD will do for him as a leader on campus, he replied, “To gain meaningful experiences that will create lasting memories which will allow me to give back to the Georgia State community and my programming board.”

The first I-LEAD institute was held in conjunction with the ACUI 1994 Conference, making this year’s institute the twenty-first institute since its inception. Although the length of the institute has changed over the years, the goal of the institute remains the same. The students selected to represent Spotlight and Georgia State University will join a network of thousands of students nation-wide, all working towards the same goal to become better student leaders on campus.