Class Dismissed!

Posted On May 5, 2016
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Georgia State University has become a leading model of academic success for diverse populations as it has grown in both size and distinction. The university offers a multitude of programs and services to undergraduate and graduate students as they progress through their academic careers, and the Multicultural Center is proud to support the broader goals of promoting advocacy and success for all students.

As the end of the academic year approaches, so does graduation for many students. The Multicultural Center recognized this milestone by hosting a celebration for graduating seniors. The Class Dismissed Senior Celebration was coordinated by the center’s intern, Lo Denmon, a first year student in the college student affairs master’s program at the University of West Georgia. As part of their internship at the Multicultural Center, Lo had the opportunity to work with LGBTQIQA students and programs, which included facilitating community hours and student Safe Zone trainings. Lo has been working to modify the current Safe Zone programming to be more inclusive of all identities and plans to continue working on Safe Zone program development in the future. When planning the senior celebration, Lo focused on providing an opportunity for the seniors to join together and celebrate their graduation as well as their diverse experiences that helped them reach this milestone.

Class Dismissed honored nine graduating seniors, each of whom have attended and participated in various multicultural programs throughout their Georgia State stay. The honorees shared their personal journeys and plans for their future following graduation. Through sharing their stories, the students related to people who may be different from themselves while gaining an appreciation of human differences – objectives that are integral to the Multicultural Center’s commitment to a culture of care for all students.

Sylver Jackson, one of the honorees, earned their B.A. in applied linguistics, as well as a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language. Sylver attended several of the Multicultural Center’s programs throughout their time at Georgia State University.

The Multicultural Center has made a remarkable impact on my time at Georgia State, providing me with a space and platform to be myself and inform others about the intersectionalities that people face daily.

~ Sylver Jackson

Bubz Mills, another graduating senior, earned their B.S. in psychology with a minor in sociology. For Bubz, who both attended Multicultural Center events and worked as an intern in the center, the Multicultural Center served as:

A safe space to go when I feel overwhelmed, by knowing there’s a place where I can be heard and not judged, and knowing that the people there that genuinely care about me.

~Bubz Mills

Nuluv Jones earned her second degree, a B.S. in psychology. She has been involved with numerous student organizations and departments, including the Multicultural Center, where she has facilitated several discussions. When describing the specific impact of the Multicultural Center, she described the center as:

A space where I experience personal growth and development by engaging in rich dialogue that elevates my cultural awareness. The Multicultural Center is such a campus treasure. The programs held there are excellent opportunities for students and staff alike, to explore the unfamiliar and increase their culture understanding by gaining a better understanding of one’s self and others.

~ Nuvluv Jones

As the members of the class of 2016 make the transition from college to the working world, graduate school or whatever path they choose, the Multicultural Center is proud to have provided the student body with opportunities to learn about cultures different from their own, while continuing to grow into global citizens.