Online Locker Rental

Posted On June 20, 2016
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Student Center locker rental has moved online to the Locker Rental Store to make the process easier and allow different payment methods. The new system affects lockers managed by the Student Center in Student Center East, Student Center West, Urban Life Center and Langdale Hall. The change is due to several requests by students to allow payment by credit card or PantherCard. Renters can now use credit cards, PantherCards with the Discover logo and debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Moving the payment process online also allows students to rent a locker at home on the day the rental period opens and have more choice in their locker assignment.

Locker rental is now open to chartered student organizations as well as students. If a student organization wishes to rent a locker, the locker can be rented in the organization advisor’s name.

It is now more convenient and user friendly for the student. We did this for students because of the requests we’ve had in the past, so we are listening. The students are our customers, so we’re trying to please them and make things easier on them as part of our customer service initiative.

-Lesia Chandler, Student Center human resources coordinator

Multiple locations around campus allow you to have some variety. It’s going to be good for your back, so you don’t have to carry that huge book bag, and you can pick a locker according to where your classes are.

-Leeah Dollar, lead administrative assistant

The rental fee for a semester is $20 per locker. First time renters must also purchase a lock through the Student Center Locker Rental Store for $10, but, once purchased, it is the renter’s to keep. Upon graduation, renters may choose to give the lock back to the Student Center to be recycled and given to someone who might not be able to afford one.

After renting a locker online, renters should take their online order receipt to the Student Center Administrative Office in Student Center East, Room 310, where they can pick up their lock and have the tie cut before using their locker. For more information about locker rental terms and conditions, see Locker Rental Agreement.

I think the new process gives more options, and it makes it more convenient for the student, and that was mainly what students had been requesting.

– Lesia Chandler

For more information, see Student Center Locker Rental, visit the Student Center Administrative Office in Student Center East, Suite 310 or call 404-413-1860.

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