Advisory Council Provides User Feedback

Posted On September 26, 2016
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The Student Center Advisory Council is a formal mechanism for input and an informal arena for the discussion of ideas affecting the Student Center. It was created in the fall of 2013 by the then recently hired director of the Student Center, Boyd Beckwith, to uphold the Student Center’s mission by acting as the voice of the Student Center’s patrons and advocating for the center and its benefits, services and facilities.

The council consists of 15 voting (and two ex-officio) members who meet four times an academic year to discuss the implementation of the Student Center’s goals. The council’s main goal is to increase student knowledge of the Student Center’s facilities, programs and services. Survey responses from fall 2015 indicate that most students are not aware that the Student Center can provide them with many benefits. The Advisory Council works tirelessly to make the Student Center an integral part of the lives of Georgia State students.

Last year, the Advisory Council addressed concerns for more collaborative work spaces in the Student Center.

Since the process of reserving meeting rooms is a very complicated process, faculty members and students can go to a collaborative work space to have a meeting.

~ George Greenidge, Jr., doctoral student and chair of the Advisory Council

In addition to new lounge chairs and collaborative workspaces on the second floor of Student Center East, the Advisory Council revised the Student Center’s pricing for audiovisual and equipment rental. Wherever possible, these corrections made it more affordable for student organizations to use the Student Center for their meetings and events.

This fall, the Advisory Council will be hard at work determining what changes may need to be implemented to accommodate the additional 1,100 students who will be living on campus (and, therefore, more likely to take advantage of the Student Center’s facilities, programs and services). The council will also continue discussing the potential impact of the Courtland Street bridge project. Slated to begin in January of 2018, the Courtland Street bridge, located next to Student Center West, will be demolished and rebuilt over a two year period.

Beckwith and Greenidge, Jr. want students to participate in the decision-making process involved in the exciting changes that come with the growth of the Student Center and Georgia State University. They encourage students to apply for membership on the council (visit Advisory Council for nomination forms), immerse themselves in many of the Student Center’s programs and potentially seek out student employment opportunities at the Student Center.