Diversity is Not Division

Posted On December 9, 2016
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As you read this, a national conversation is going on about the future of our country and where people fit in to that conversation. Eighty percent of Americans feel our country and our people are more divided than ever. Perhaps more than ever, a number of communities feel marginalized, left out and ignored. Some communities have a legitimate claim to threats to their safety. Others are rightfully angry and fearful about keeping their jobs and putting food on the table for their families. When people are scared, they stop talking to each other and start blaming each other. Ultimately, people are left wondering: is this a conversation or is this just people talking at each other?

The University System of Georgia decided to admit undocumented students to Georgia State University. While the Multicultural Center applauds the decision to give everyone a chance to educate and empower themselves, others threaten the livelihood of our institutions that try to protect and educate young people.[1] President Becker remarked in an email to the university after the election, “Open dialogue and debate are fundamental at Georgia State as at all of America’s best colleges and universities. It is also fundamental that all discussions and disagreements be conducted with mutual respect. Seek to understand, as well as to be understood. It is important that we embrace these principles to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment for every member of our Georgia State community.”

The Multicultural Center feels more compelled than ever to facilitate a conversation, a true conversation, where everyone can come and engage each other without fear of judgment or blame. The Multicultural Center’s programs are designed to give voice and dignity to every community and student at our university! From the Community Conversations to Safe Zone training, from Pop Talks to Intersections of Identity, the Multicultural Center is here to help all students find their voice. White, black or multiracial, men, women or non-binary, this is your Center and your conversation! The semester, the year and an era are all at a close. We stand at the edge of a new one. In the midst of this transition, the Multicultural Center can provide space for rich conversation and give everyone their place at the table.

Diversity is not division.

[1] Emory Could Lose State Funding If it Declares a Sanctuary Campus to Shield Immigrants