Keeping Your Balance in Times of Change

Posted On February 6, 2017
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Change is always around the corner. Whether looking forward to change or struggling with it, change has effects on the mind and body. In the midst of a new year, it’s important to recognize how to cope with change in order to effectively handle it, rather than letting it control the situation. Here are some techniques for how to positively deal with change:

  • Notice the change. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it takes some practice to become aware of change instead of subconsciously denying it. Students who have a journal can write about changes they notice.
  • Face the feelings. Acknowledge the fears and worries associated with the change ahead. This allows people to feel more in control.
  • See it as opportunity. If possible, welcome change as a new opportunity. Find the benefit somewhere in the change.
  • Be careful to avoid negativity. Negative thoughts block creativity and problem-solving abilities. Positive thoughts build bridges to possibilities and opportunities. When negative thoughts arise, actively push them away.
  • Prepare. No matter what sort of change occurs, steps can be taken to prepare for the new situation. Think about what the new situation will be and then identify some ways to learn more about what might come in the future.
  • Learn to relax (more). Check in with yourself throughout the day to practice relaxation. Some relaxation techniques might include meditation, yoga, aromatherapy or listening to music.
  • Set smart goals. Goal setting helps when deciding how to make the change happen and to recognize success. Write out a number of goals and strategies to meet them.
  • Know when to reach out. There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help when dealing with change. Counselors can help put things in a different perspective and are trained to help with the process.

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