Gender as Culture

Posted On March 13, 2017
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The Multicultural Center is the place for both traditional and non-traditional notions of multiculturalism. The Multicultural Center supports, discusses and celebrate the widely-varied ethnic cultures represented by the Georgia State University student body. However, the Multicultural Center doesn’t stop there. The Multicultural Center expands its programs and services into the realms gender, sexuality, ability and age.

The Multicultural Center is the student services office for LGBTQIQA support. The Multicultural Center partners with Disability Services to bring events like the recent How to Adult program. The Multicultural Center recently hosted Community Conversations (C Squared) around themes of the intersection of disability and sexuality and and the experience of nontraditional students.

March is Women’s Her-story Month, and the Multicultural Center will celebrate the culture that comes with identifying as female by hosting Today, I Need…, a panel event featuring a keynote speaker and ten feminine-identified members of the Georgia State University community who will take turns completing the statement, “Today, we need…” Conversation between attendees and presenters will follow.

The Multicultural Center will also dedicate the March graphic novel discussions to Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash. Meanwhile, the Multicultural Center has been warming up for Women’s Her-story Month with end-of-February women-themed events. Last week, the Multicultural Center hosted Intersections of Identity: Women of Color, and the final Pop Talk of the month was centered around the theme of Black Femininity. Or perhaps this wasn’t a warm up to Women’s Her-story Month at all. After all, the Multicultural Center doesn’t need an excuse to talk about the experience of women, or of any cultural group, all year long.

Revolutionary Images: Graphic Novel Discussion of Honor Girl
Thursday, March 2, 9, & 23
12:15 – 1 p.m.
Multicultural Center Lounge

Today, I Need…
Wednesday, March 22
5 – 8 p.m.
Speaker’s Auditorium

Intersections of Identity: Queer People of Color
Thursday, March 23
2 – 3 p.m.
Multicultural Center Lounge