Leaders in Training Program Launch

Posted On March 13, 2017
Categories News 2016

This semester, Leadership Development launched a brand new leadership series called the Leaders in Training Program (LIT). LIT is a 10-week leadership experience where students explore leadership through individual, group and societal experiences and discuss how those things lead to positive social change in their communities. The students started the experience by learning about their values, identities and passions and the importance of living those congruently every day. The participants have just recently started exploring leadership from a group framework by learning how to work within teams, create common purpose and goals and succeed through adversity. For the last two weeks of the program, students will understand how they can benefit the larger world by being an active and engaged member of their local communities.

One of the other major components to the LIT program is the emphasis and importance of community building. Each session begins with team builders, ice breakers and other opportunities for the participants to develop meaningful relationships with each other. Each of the sessions are also experiential, so students work with their peers to practice what they are learning. LIT believes that leadership is about relationships, and it allows students to engage in relationship building every single session.

The LIT programs exists to allow students to first, understand themselves, second, how to work within groups, and third, how to be an active and responsible citizen. Combining that with the ability to make friends with peers, LIT is the perfect opportunity for any student who is interested in developing leadership skills, learning more about themselves, and creating friendships. Students who are excited by this opportunity should contact Leadership Development which will be offering the LIT program again in the fall semester of 2017.