Creating Pathways from College to Career

Posted On August 13, 2018
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Georgia State is committed to establishing new pathways for students that will help facilitate a seamless transition from college to career. The Multicultural Center is dedicated to helping the university achieve this goal by offering resources that allow students to excel both personally and academically. Many students who are connected to the Multicultural Center have academic focuses in the disciplines of political science, sociology, African-American studies, anthropology and a host of other areas relevant to social and human issues.

One of the pathways the university has established to achieve the goal of college to career transition includes experiential learning through internships and signature experiences. Each year the Multicultural Center works closely with the Honors College to select qualified students from the University Assistantship Program. Once selected, these students collaborate with both professional staff and graduate level students to conduct research centered on social issues. Topics of research are crafted and molded not only to the students’ academic focus but also to their overall career. University Assistants who work with the Multicultural Center often select career pathways involved with social justice, advocacy and cultural immersion. The research conducted also specifically focuses on social awareness on Georgia State University campuses.

The Multicultural Competence and Peer Education (MAP) Ambassador program is another initiative created to help propel the university’s goal of establishing successful pathways from college to career. MAP Ambassadors are selected each academic year and trained in workshop facilitation, program and event planning as well as facilitation mediation. MAP Ambassadors also have academic focuses in humanitarian and social issues. Students who participate in this program seek careers in the areas of non-profit work, humanitarian research, politics, the United Nations and social justice education. Allowing these students the opportunity to research and facilitate programs in their academic area provides them with the skills and resources necessary to transfer to the professional realm.

To ensure the success of all students in their movement to the professional world, the Multicultural Center creates multiple discussion based workshops and programs that give students the opportunity to engage in dialectic discourse. Students who attend these programs gain the knowledge and motivation to share opinions, experiences and ideas that are transferred to their academic courses. Cultural awareness and team building are essential in all career pathways. The Multicultural Center gives students the opportunity to learn these skills during discussion-based programming and workshops. Because Georgia State creates a wide range of career opportunities for students, the Multicultural Center will continue to support and provide students with the necessary resources for career success!