Student Center Creates Leaders

Posted On January 22, 2019
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Throughout the years, Georgia State University has worked to cultivate leadership skills in its student employees, while at the same time giving these students the opportunity to participate in the development of the university. This effort falls under the strategic plan for Georgia State University to be nationally recognized for leadership and inclusion opportunities.

The Student Center offers job opportunities to undergrad and graduate students in various departments from events management, marketing, human resources, business development, audio/visual, programming and more. The current demographics of student employees are 44% male, 56% female, with 23% being White, 59% Black, 3% Asian and 15% multiracial. This snapshot of student workers documents how diverse and rich the Student Center is.

Tessa Vuncannon, one of the graduating seniors this fall 2018, had the opportunity to join the Student Center as an employee early in her years at Georgia State University. She started working as a student assistant at the Information Center during her sophomore year. It was also her very first job. For Tessa, it has been an invaluable experience. She has gained professional experience, confidence and was promoted to information center manager in recognition of her excellent work, and most importantly, her constant improvement.

Mahri Batyrova, another graduating senior who has worked as an administrative student assistant for one and a half years called her Student Center colleagues “a family”. Most of the student employees like Mahri also learn to cultivate a culture of respect wherever they go, build great relationships and learn to grow with constructive feedback.

Leanne Walters, another graduating senior this fall 2018 and human resources assistant, did not have a position related to her major. However, this did not prevent her or her coworkers from learning and improving their leadership skills, communication, customer service skills and teambuilding capabilities. Students who graduate after working here are leaving but will keep these assets as it will help them in their future endeavors.

The Student Center would like to congratulate all the student graduates: Mahri Batyrova, Tessa Vuncannon, Leanne Walters, Ilka Ervin and Jennifer Hernandez. They will always be part of the Student Center family and we wish them the best in their future careers!