Disclosing Accommodations Tips

Posted On April 30, 2019
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Disability Services provides registered students the option to email their accommodation letters to professors. Although this email includes details for extended time on assignments, note taking services, lecture recording and more, students are encouraged to extend communication beyond this notification. It is up to the student to collaborate with their professors on how their accommodations can be implemented within their course.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 developed new programs to provide extensive clinical experience including induction during the first two years of full-time teaching; so that they can effectively instruct students with disabilities. This Act also emphasizes the accountability of the teachers to increase their knowledge of strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Although the topic of accommodations may not be the most comfortable, expressing your needs now can strengthen your ability to later set perimeters in a workplace. Try these tips to strengthen the relationship with your professor and assist them with better understanding your needs.

Schedule A Meeting
Take advantage of our emailed accommodation letter services. It may be helpful for the professor and you to have a starting point for the accommodations you are requiring for the semester.
Schedule an in-person meeting with each of your professors at the beginning of the semester. Be proactive! (Email, office hours or speak to them after class)

Prepare for the Meeting

  • Print out the syllabus before you meet with the professor.
  • Go over the assignments independently and identify any assignments that spark any concerns.
  • Bring your accommodation letter with you. Although this information should be sent to the professor, having an on-hand copy will assist you in describing your needs.
  • Apply your accommodations to the course prior to meeting with your professor.
  • Write down tips that will assist you in being successful in the course.

During the Meeting

  • Take a deep breath. You are courageous in your efforts to get this far. Many other students are experiencing the same conversation across campuses. The details that you choose to share about your disability are up to you. It is perfectly appropriate to simply state that you are a registered student of Disability Services who will need accommodations throughout the semester.
  • Try to identify strengths and certain areas that require more attention academically.
  • The goal of the meeting should be to develop a collaborative plan to implement accommodation.
  • Try not to be offended if your professor asks to provide explanations regarding your accommodations.

After the Meeting
Continue to meet with your professor as needed. Do not wait until you feel overwhelmed or behind to speak up. If you are having trouble with receiving proper accommodations, contact Disability Services for assistance.