About Us

Student Affairs offers a wide array of services and programs designed to create and deliver student experiences that promote learning and success; develop and promote a distinctive model of active, engaged citizenship incorporating service, leadership and experiential learning; and, enhance the global competency of Georgia State University students. The division seeks to provide an enriching environment that allows for and encourages cross-cultural interaction, an appreciation of diversity and ethical decision making.

The Student Affairs staff work in partnership with faculty and other administrators to provide an optimal learning environment that promotes the integrated learning and development of all students, supports the academic mission of the university, demonstrates institutional effectiveness and produces sustained commitments to intentional lifelong learning.

Student Affairs programs are responsive to student expectations and committed to ensuring opportunities for students to develop skills in leadership, teamwork and social responsibility to prepare them for their future roles in society.

Areas within Student Affairs include Black Student Achievement, Civic Engagement, Counseling and Testing Center, Dean of Students (Student Assistance, Student Conduct), Disability Services, Leadership Development, Multicultural Center, New Student Orientation, Recreational Services, Student Health Clinic, Student Health Promotion, Student Involvement, Student Center, University Housing and Vice President for Student Affairs.