Branding Approval Process

Branding Approval Process

All marketing materials for departments or units within Student Engagement and Programs are created by Creative Services. For each promotional set, a complete and accurate Print Media Request must be submitted five business weeks prior to the beginning of the marketing campaign. Incomplete or inaccurate Print Media Requests may be returned to the requestor for editing. The five business week timeline will begin when the request is submitted accurately.

Editing copy is the responsibility of each department or unit. The branding approval process does not include copy editing.

All marketing materials, including flyers, posters, videos, PowerPoint presentations, screen images, forms, online documents, brochures, banners, t-shirts and giveaways, must follow the university and management’s branding guidelines. Please download the Minimum Branding Checklistprior to submission for approval to ensure these guidelines are met. The items outlined below are the most common errors seen in the approval process:

  • Every item that promotes or markets a unit or department within Student Engagement and Programs must use an official university logo.
    To ensure proper use of the logo, download the LOGO-gistics Tips & Tricks file.
  • Only one university logo per side.
  • The home page web address should always be listed to promote the unit.
  • Phone numbers use all hyphens, so users may click and call from their smart phones!
  • The following ADA lines must be included on all promotional and marketing pieces that invite students to participate:
    To request disability accommodations at this event, please contact Disability Services, 404-413-1560 or via email:
  • The time should be formatted using the AP style guide (no zeros following whole hours, a.m./p.m. lowercase with periods and a space between the number and the a.m./p.m.).
  • If you are using an image, you must have written permission to use from the owner, owned by the department, downloaded from the university archive or purchased from an image bank.
  • Review your copy for university guidelines by visiting the Web Support page.

Please note: Every item, including re-orders, must get approval prior to use.

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