Creative Services FAQs


Yes. The university branding guidelines and initiatives are updated regularly, and therefore, every item using a university logo must have an approval prior to usage and all items must use an official, university logo.
The university prefers that we use the tri-colored logos whenever possible; however, it is based on how well the logo can be seen visually. Please download and review the LOGO-gistics Tips & Tricks for your review.
Yes, an official university logo must be present on all marketing materials including t-shirts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, slides, flyers, posters, brochures, banners and giveaways. Every item displaying a logo must meet minimum university branding guidelines.
Yes. Fill out a Print Media Request Form via email to Gretchen Cannon. For additional information, please review the Print Media Request page.
If your printed media is to promote an event or program inviting students to attend, it is a legal requirement to put the ADA line on your printed media.
Each department or unit is responsible for editing their own copy. Please review the Branding Approval Process page for additional information.
If the publication will be sent off campus, include the area code as a part of the complete number. Use a hyphen between the area code and number. For example: 404-413-1510.
All images are protected by intellectual property or copyright laws. However, all images located in the university's Digital Asset Library are available for university use.
Use lower case with periods for a.m. and p.m. When writing a time that falls on the hour, do not follow with zeros. Simply use a.m. or p.m.
The university is a downcase university meaning they only capitalize proper nouns and names. For additional information, review the Georgia State University Writer's Style Guide.
No. Georgia State University must be spelled out. Athletics is the only area permitted to use GSU.
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