Digital Extras

Tell Your Story!

The university has guidelines to ensure that certain requirements are being met. We offer consulting, individual and walk-in training, monthly meetings, and a wealth of experience to ensure all of the necessary tools are available.

The calendar available through the university is a great way to promote upcoming programs and events. PR uses it to find stories to highlight on the the university site, it feeds directly into the Division of Student Affairs website, and it can be fed into your individual site. The iCal is not only an active tool to promote your events, but it is also an excellent marketing tool for your site!

Please download and review the Save the Dates Tips & Tricks file for additional information.

Social Media
Social media tools have changed the way we at Georgia State communicate internally and externally. While this guide is designed to provide you with the essential information needed to run a social channel, please don’t hesitate to contact help if you have questions.

The Georgia State University portal PAWS is one of the main ways students check email and enter GoSolar. Because of this, it is important to make sure your information is current and up-to-date. Feel free to contact Gretchen Cannon to set up a PAWS editing refresher course.

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