Giveaways & Clothing

The following is an overview of the purchasing clothing, table cloths, giveaway items, etc.:
Each giveaway item follows the same approval process as print items. Each item must get approval from Creative Services prior to ordering each and every time an order is placed, including re-orders. This is extremely important as the university or division guidelines may have changed since a previous order. If the proof is set up by a vendor, the proof should be submitted by the Print Media Contact to Creative Services for approval prior to submission to the university system.

The Print Media Contact is responsible for understanding acceptable proofs, catching any errors or inaccuracies, etc. Having one Print Media Contact per unit greatly speeds up the approval process and allows us to work much faster and more efficiently while greatly elevating the level of knowledge throughout the division.

Currently, the division is reviewing inventory of clothing, table cloths, giveaways, etc., so that moving forward we can not only be compliant, but also have the best return on investment. Giveaway items must either support the office in some way (such as pens to fill out forms) or be tied to an event (such as the dream catchers purchased for the American Indian History Month program hosted by the Multicultural Center). Although stress balls may be a great promotional item for Counseling & Testing, they would not be a great choice for some of the other units (unless it was to promote a stress relieving program). This helps ensure each purchase has been thought through carefully in hopes of better promoting each area.

Staff clothing, giveaways, table cloths, etc., should always be purchased in Georgia State blue and white. The division’s aim is to promote the school colors as much as possible (blue and white). If the item is not available in blue and/or white, and exception request will have to be submitted prior to purchasing. Exceptions are granted for one purchase only, and just as with all other items, if a re-order is necessary, a new proof must be submitted for approval (or request for an exception) prior to purchasing.

Sometimes exceptions granted for items that do not have a large enough print area to properly imprint the official, departmental logo and the web address. Pens are one of these items. Unfortunately, if the pens are printed with the logo only, the return on investment for units is little to none, so we would ask for an exception to have the web address, phone number and/or the departmental address, if possible), instead of the logo. The idea is to let students know how to reach the unit or department and hope that many visit the site when the see the web address on the pen.