Giveaways & Clothing

The following is an overview of the purchasing clothing, table cloths, giveaway items, etc.:
The university has a new licensing company, Affinity Licensing. The contract that was established with Affinity requires that all products that include trademarks of the university be produced by a vendor licensed by Affinity. A 12% royalty fee is also added to all products using a university trademark. Products are submitted by the vendors through an online digital approval process. PR & Marketing Communications approves proper use of university marks and Athletics approves the athletics marks.

How can vendors get licensed?
Purchasing is adding vendors daily and the university encourages all to forward this to vendors that you like working with in order to get them on the approved list.

Click here for the current list of licensed vendors.

The following are additional details from Legal Affairs, Purchasing, Athletics and PR & Marketing Communications:

  • Printing for publications and documents and signage don’t require a licensed vendor.
  • Promotional items need to be produced with licensed vendors. If they use the university marks and not the athletic marks and they aren’t for resale, items will not incur royalty fees.
  • Any items that use athletic marks will need to pay royalty fees.
  • Any items that are sold (even jerseys or shirts for student organizations) will incur royalty fees.
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