Health and Wellness

Counseling & Testing Center

The Counseling and Testing Center provides a wide range of counseling, testing, psychiatric and holistic health services to support students as they work to reach their educational goals. Services include individual, couples and group counseling; walk-in initial consultation to assess concerns; mind-body clinic with stress management consultation; consultation with board certified psychiatrists related to medication; nutrition consultation; assessment and treatment of concerns related to substance use; testing for admissions; scoring of national, professional and university tests; workshops and guest lectures on a range of psychological topics for the university community; and training for psychologists and psychiatrists.

Counseling and Testing
Student Health Clinic

Student Health Clinic

Georgia State University’s Student Health Clinic serves the primary health care needs of the on campus, student population. The Student Health Clinic also provides optimal health services through education and collaboration with other health entities.

The Student Health Clinic encourages students to utilize the services and make it an integral part of their university support system. The Student Health Clinic is committed to working with students to create a safe and positive environment that will meet their health care needs.

Student Health Promotion & Victim Assistance

There are significant opportunities for health enhancement through the use of appropriate and science-based (i.e., best practice) approaches to health promotion. Student Health Promotion takes a population-based approach in its health promotion efforts to ensure that appropriate prevention activities occur across the continuum of wellness. This population-based approach typically focuses on the first tier of prevention, referred to as primary prevention (i.e., education), although in some instances secondary prevention (i.e., intervention) is appropriate and utilized. The population-based approach to health promotion also includes sensitivity to issues of social justice, race, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, individual differences and efforts to broaden student engagement across the campus.

Health Promotion & Education

Recreational Services

Recreational Services offers over 150 unique programs each semester. The choices include intramurals, sport clubs, aerobics, personal training, outdoor trips, aquatic activities and much much more.

Students who need additional information can contact Recreational Services at 404-413-1750