Contacts for Student Activity Fees

Student Affairs, Student Services, Student Government Association and Student Life are administrators of the Student Activity Fee Process. They are responsible for soliciting proposals, convening the Student Activity Fee Committee meetings, and recording documentation of all proceedings, findings and committee decisions.

Please direct your questions to:
Keith Cobbs
Dean of Students on the Newton Campus

If you require assistance with writing your proposal, please contact:

College-wide Michelle Solomon
Special Projects Coordinator
678-891-2711 [email protected]
Alpharetta – Ronesheia Inman
Student Services
678-240-6010 [email protected]
Clarkston – Randi Hegwood
Student Services
678-891-3226 [email protected]
Decatur – LaTonya Harden
Student Services
678-891-2743 [email protected]
Dunwoody – Debbie Henderson
Student Services
770-274-5385 [email protected]
Newton – Tjazha Mazhani
Student Services
770-278-1340 [email protected]