Posting News Articles

Posting a News Article:

  1. Posts –> Add New from the Dashboard in WordPress.
  2. Copy your news story from Word and paste into the new post page created in step one.
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Write down the post number that will display across the top, grey bar after you have published the post.

Posting News on the Home Page:

  1. Copy a paragraph or so from your news item.
  2. Select the text of the current news story on your home page.
  3. Paste your text over the selected text. You will have to add or delete text so that it fits vertically with the image to its left or right. Add an ellipsis where text is cut off.
  4. Each news post has a hyperlink on the word more>> at the end of the news snippet on the home page (<a href=”“>). Replace the address in red with the link to the new post, which you can copy from the browser window after you publish the post.

Posting News Articles to the News Page:

  1. Copy the following HTML to your clipboard:
    <tr style=”background-color:#ffffff”>
    <td width="125px"></td><td>[post id=345678 thumbnail=”false”]</td>
  2. Paste between <table> and the <tr> at the top of the news page.
  3. Replace the highlighted number with the post ID you wrote down when you published the post.
  4. Update the page.

Once you have completed the above steps and reviewed each page for edits, errors and formatting, email Gretchen Cannon to request an updated image that reflects the current news story and submit an email verifying the page addresses you have updated (review Web Security Policy). Images are not required to complete the news story expectations. Please make sure that all news information meets the university formatting available online.

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