Print Media Requests

Creative Services’ role is to create print and digital media for all departments within Student Engagement and Programs, keeping the Vice President informed of all departmental communications and upholding the brand integrity of the university. Creative Services team tells the story of each department in Student Engagement and Programs by constructing messages and creating eye-catching designs.

Each department within Student Engagement and Programs is required to submit a print media request for all their promotional and marketing needs, including clothing that requires custom artwork (for example, tee shirts for a specific event such as Welcome Week).

Creative Services is not permitted to accept incoming jobs that do not adhere to the request process. Services are available to only departments and units within Student Engagement and Programs at Georgia State University.

Print Media Requests Process:

  • All requests for printed media must be made at least five business weeks prior to the due in house date.
  • A separate form must be submitted for each request.
    Please note: If you are planning to use the same artwork on several items such as a flyer, poster, PDF for upload to social media or any additional items, it must be noted on the request form as each item is a separate file and requires the proper time allotment in the project schedule.
  • The request will not be accepted without edited content that has been signed by both the requester and their supervisor. The signatures are stating that the content has been edited and approved, and the requesting office will handle any and all changes to the content after this point. Because these projects are created with specialized software standard in the graphic design industry, and in most cases, custom fonts, it is likely that individual offices will not have the ability to edit the files.
  • Contact information including web address, phone number, office location and social media sites must be provided.
  • If students are being invited to attend a program or event, indicate that the ADA lines must be included.

In certain cases, the projects are so large and far-reaching that Public Relations requests that they create the projects with the cost being the responsibility of the requesting office.

The following is an overview of the purchasing clothing, table cloths, giveaway items, etc.:
The university has a new licensing company, Affinity Licensing. The contract that was established with Affinity requires that all products that include trademarks of the university be produced by a vendor licensed by Affinity. A 12% royalty fee is also added to all products using a university trademark. Products are submitted by the vendors through an online digital approval process. PR & Marketing Communications approves proper use of university marks and Athletics approves the athletics marks.

How can vendors get licensed?
Purchasing is adding vendors daily and the university encourages all to forward this to vendors that you like working with in order to get them on the approved list.

Click here for the current list of licensed vendors.

Legal Affairs, Purchasing, Athletics and PR & Marketing Communications are working on detailed information that will be distributed soon.

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