Tips & Tricks


Commkit: Georgia State University provides a number of great resources for its students and faculty. Make use of the Digital Asset Library for free images and the University Style Guide for a consistent writing style.

University Style Guide: Georgia State University advocates using a clear, consistent, contemporary style of writing. Take a look over the university branding guidelines for some do’s and don’ts.

Digital Asset Library: Georgia State University has an enormous library of free images provided for the use of students and employees.

Tips & Tricks: Creative Services has developed a set of documents designed to help staff and students better understand the Georgia State University branding initiative, give examples of the do’s and don’ts of creating content in the university’s system and serve as a quick reference guide to help in the creative process. Each volume of Tips & Tricks will cover a different subject. Links to the documents will be located in the left hand rail.

Minimum Branding Checklist: Please download our Minimum Branding Checklist prior to submission for approval to ensure these guidelines are met.

Print Media Request Form: Print Media Requests must be submitted accurate, correct and complete in order to be processed. The time spent clarifying the audience, goal and message prior to submitting the request form is essential to success of the collateral. Send Print Media Requests to Gretchen S. Cannon.

Short Codes: Make use of the short codes provided for your department websites.

Georgia State University Online Visual Identity: The following policies are intended to provide guidelines for and manage the use of the Georgia State University identity program.

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