Mandatory Student Fees: Perimeter

The following fees apply to all students each term, except those who are eligible for waivers:

  • Technology Fee: All students are required to pay a $50.00 per semester Technology Fee. Funds from the Technology Fee are used to maintain and upgrade the institution’s technology base for instruction and student support programs.
  • Student Activity Fee: $45 per semester
  • Athletic Fee: $40 per semester
  • Student Support Fee: This fee is charged to students who are registered for on campus only or a combination of on-campus and online classes. Funds from the Student Support Fee are used to provide improved student-related facilities.
    • $48 for one to four credit hours
    • $96 for five to eight credit hours
    • $144 for nine or more credit hours
  • Institutional Fee: $100 for one to four credit hours and $200 for five or more credit hours
  • Access Card Services Fee: $10 per semester
  • Health Services Fee: $20 per semester